Hi. I'm Mark.

I'm passionate about building things.

By trade, I'm a full-stack software engineer. I have deep knowledge in building web applications, with over a decade in the industry across a number of business domains, and writing Javascript / React / Ruby on Rails to deliver large scale projects.

Alongside that, depending on the job, I also sometimes work as a designer (coming from an art and design background at university), and really like to wear all the hats. 🎩

I'm currently working with Cogent and Flux, and have worked previously with Clover, The Conversation and REA, amongst others.

Outside of my day-to-day, I have a handy SaaS app called RemoteRetro that helps (mostly software-development) teams run Agile retrospective meetings (especially when team members are working remote), and I like to build wooden furniture using fancy joinery techniques. I'm slowly replacing all my furniture with stuff I've made.