Hi. I'm Mark.

I'm passionate about building things.

By trade, I'm a full-stack software engineer with an art and design background.

I have deep knowledge in building web applications, with over fifteen years in the industry across a number of business domains, and writing Javascript / Typescript / React / Ruby / .Net / Kotlin to successfully deliver large scale projects.

I'm currently working with Cash App, and have worked previously with Cogent, the National Stewardship Trading Platform, Flux, Clover, The Conversation and realestate.com.au, amongst others.

Outside of my day-to-day, I have a handy SaaS app called RemoteRetro that helps (mostly software development) teams run Agile retrospective meetings (especially when team members are working remote), and I like to build wooden furniture using fancy joinery techniques. I'm slowly replacing all my furniture with stuff I've made.