Mark Cipolla

Designer & Developer


The team I work with at The Conversation has a remote team member, Keith Pitty.

We use a whiteboard, and that makes it hard for Keith to fully take part. He's joining in the conversation, but it's not the same thing. We thought that we needed a tool to have online retro boards.

Hence, RemoteRetro. An online retro board, that everyone can log into. Or, throw it up on a projector or a screen, and only the remote team members can join in. Or, no remote team members, and use it to keep a record of the sprint's retro items. Up to you.


It allows users to add retro discussion points to four 'quadrants':

  • Good things that happened
  • Bad things that happened
  • Tasks items from the retro
  • Questions raised

Inviting users to the retro is the simplest as well; copy/paste the URL.

All users can update the retro in real time.

To see this in action, please visit RemoteRetro.