Mark Cipolla

Designer & Developer

Article redesign 118e53c3731e4e6c2c753c9f67fc39567c6f6e28078c9874a22e2e7db01f24e1

The Conversation —
Article redesign

Putting content up front and centre, and improving the reading experience for the mobile and desktop.

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An online platform to write, proof, and publish.

Arts and culture 43048df83b04e3b96e6cb6f8c4b22593e546367bbd1abf60f76c9f51546cf8c0

The Conversation —
Arts + Culture section redesign

Starting the 'magazine' style for The Conversation for the new section.

Vivus a476471498c63781521d0814ea120d6f754b5128c4fdd9017de4e67efaa689f5


Vivus is a ruby gem that builds a living, breathing styleguide from your SASS files.