Mark Cipolla

Designer & Developer

Proofcircle —
An online platform to write, proof, and publish.

No longer publicly visible

Proofcircle is an online tool for authors to start writing in a distraction-free, constantly-saved, collaborately-focused enviroment.

Coming soon. You can try Proofcircle, but please keep in mind it's in a beta phase.

Writing experience

A beautiful writing interface — Everything unnecessary to getting your writing done is hidden away.

Never losing your work again — It saves, automagically, in real time. Close your browser, and continue later with it all there.

Available anywhere there's internet — As it's an online tool, anywhere you've got internet, you can get your writing done.

Building a proof circle — Let only people you trust to help you proofread your work. Or, open it to the public.

Finding an audience, before it’s finished — You can let the public to read your work, building an audience during the writing process.

Collaborative editing in real time — Coming soon, but you can let others help you proof and edit your work. At the same time.